Date: December 12th to 15th, 2022
Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Location: Hilton Zamalek Residences, Cairo

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Methodology of Training, with Flemming Christensen

Conscious Enneagram Teacher and Trainer program, Module 1

In this program, students will be trained in:

· Psychology of building skills
· Methodology of teaching, training, and learning
· Presence of mentoring, transmitting, and transformation
· Building a wisdom lineage based on the Enneagram
· Knowledge about how to transfer the wisdom of the Enneagram
· Certify the teaching skills of the students

Content of this module:

  • My Type as a Teacher. How does my type impact my role as a teacher and show up with presence and not let the Type be the teacher? 
  • The Art of teaching-learning. What does it mean to teach, and how can it become something to master? 
  • The five stages of learning. Understanding the process of learning and how to support learning about the Enneagram. 
  • Building new competencies. What is competency, and how do we make new ones?
  • Team and Group dynamic. How do we handle the dynamic in the group during group exercises and the five stages of learning?
  • Presenting skills and mindset. How to build exercises, present an Enneagram topic, and the sequence of topics to teach. How to teach in a 2-hour, 5 hours, 8 hours, or multiple days sessions. 
  • Growing up versus Waking up. Why are we teaching the Enneagram, and how can we support the students in growing up and waking up?
  • Breaking the ceiling of presence. In the Levels of Development, developed by Don Riso and Russ Hudson, we all experience difficulties breaking through Levels 4 and 3. What are the obstacles, and how to overcome them?   
  • Presence and Awareness. This covers how to be present, curious, and aware as a teacher and which practices a teacher needs to integrate into one's own life.
  • And much more ...


  • This is an IEA Accredited Program that provides 36 IEA points per module
  • Each module separately provides a diploma of completion
  • The complete Certified Teacher and Trainer certification is acquired after completion of all three Modules - TT1, TT2, and TT3

Prerequisite – EL1 or a good knowledge of your Enneagram Type.

For more information and inquiries:
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Flemming Christensen

For more than two decades, Flemming Christensen has put the original, authentic, and passionate leader on the agenda with clients seeking ways to go beyond the role of leadership and bring the whole person into leadership. In addition, Flemming is known for his uniquely practical work on building more aligned and effective teams, using a four-part strategic alignment-to-action planning process. Flemming is the author of 16 books, with his most recent book on listening as a leadership and life practice. He has trained leaders from Danske Bank, Microsoft, NNIT, Novo Nordisk, AbbVie, Pfizer, Philips, and Leo Pharma. Most recently, he collaborated with Eva Boxenbaum, formerly of the Copenhagen Business School and now a professor at CGS, Mines ParisTech, on the imperative for leaders to be intentional about the narratives they use to create and enroll others in new futures in their organizations.

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Early Bird price ends November 12th