Intimacy, Love, & the Enneagram program

This program aims to guide seekers after truth in finding greater satisfaction in their relationships and using this as the basis for living up to their true potential.

The unique research-based program on Intimate Relationships, Love, and the Enneagram by Dr. Frederik Coene. Personal growth does not happen by reading books, attending workshops, or meditating, but during our daily interactions with the people around us. Of course, different models of growth have their strengths and weaknesses, yet working with the Enneagram offers a fast track to improving relationships with others… and ourselves.

Your Instructor


Frederik Coene, PhD

Frederik Coene, Ph.D., an accredited IEA Professional, dedicated his research to intimate relationships, love, and the Enneagram. Dr. Frederik is a head of a leading international research group of psychologists and relationship therapists on Sex and the Enneagram. Frederik believes that the current understanding of the Enneagram model's conceptual-theoretical aspects and the typology of motivation-based personalities as its most widespread application represents only a small part of the full potential. Frederik has dedicated his work in Enneagram to both theoretical and applied research to widen the missing knowledge.

General Information about the Course

This is the first Module of the Intimacy, Love, & the Enneagram Program


The program consists of Levels:

  1. Stages of Love
  2. Stages of Intimacy
  3. Creating Healthy Relationships 

Course Instructor: Dr. Frederik Coene
Location: Online
Dates: October 9th to 12th, & November 14th to 17th, 2022
Time: 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The course is in English.

The course gives points towards IEA accreditation.

The course is provided over 2 Parts - 8 days - in live online sessions. 

One-year access to all the course recordings, exercises, slides, community pages, and discussion forums at Enneagram Egypt Learning Portal.

The prerequisite for this course is Enneagram of Personality or knowing your Enneagram type.

For any inquiries, contact Enneagram Egypt:

 +20 103 2445366

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What the course is about

Level 1: Stages of Love

Love is the vector leading us to personal developmental growth, but what is Love, and how do we love?


During this four-day in-person workshop in Cairo, we will look at different types and Stages Of Love through the lens of ancient wisdom and modern psychology and philosophy. We’ll also discover how and why loving our parents is the best way to ensure we don’t repeat their mistakes, and loving our kids is the best way to ensure they don’t repeat ours.

Equally important, we’ll be guided through the peculiarities of types of Love - Eros, Mania, Ludus, Pragma, Storge, and Agape in analyzing our relationship with our spouse.

Jointly we explore how our Enneagram Type and instinctual stacking relate to the idea and perception of Love. Finally, participants will learn how to find pathways for greater relationship satisfaction by looking at concrete day-to-day examples.

During the last day, we will explore the topic of physical intimacy, which will form the foundation for Module 2.

Level 2: Stages of Intimacy

Unresolved issues and trauma hinder the growth of our relationships. Working ourselves through the areas, we feel confident about is easy. Still, processing topics that are taboo or uncomfortable to talk about is the real key to transforming these relationships. 

Physical intimacy tends to be a complex matter for most people in the 21st century, so it deserves even more attention than other aspects of marital life.

During this 12-week online course, participants will watch pre-recorded video lessons at their convenience. In addition, there will be a live online discussion session every week to ask questions, go deeper into some of the video material of the week, and put the teachings into the context of your relationships. 

These sessions will be recorded and available for further review. On top of that, weekly voluntary online support and discussion sessions – not recorded – will allow for an open discussion and processing of personal stories in a safe environment.

Participation in this module is conditional on participation in the in-person workshop of module 1 or those who attended the workshop of Dr. Coene in January 2022.

Level 3: Creating Healthy Relationships

During this four-day practical workshop, participants who attended Modules 1 + 2 will work on three objectives:

-      Integrating the theoretical knowledge into the daily practice of their personal life;

-      Learning how to use the knowledge for one’s teaching programs;

-      Understanding how to apply this knowledge in coaching sessions.

Whom the course is for

  • For understanding and connecting with our beloved ones

    For everyone interested in understanding more profound levels of connecting to our beloved ones, the mystery of human sexuality, and discovering integration of the Enneagram, love, and intimate relations.

  • For marriage counselors, relationships coaches, and intimate relationships therapists

    For specialists to use the integrated knowledge of the Enneagram and intimate relationships to bring their practice to a more professional level.

  • Sex & relationships programs teachers

    Sex and relationships educators for building a solid program and implementing unique research-based data into their work.

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