Instructor: Dr. Khaled ElSherbini

Course starts May 8th, 2022

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Stages of the Heart

Live sessions, in English

Stages of the Heart is an integrated framework of the human psycho-spiritual journey that unifies numerous Sufi, Eastern, and modern Western models of enlightenment and awakening. The framework provides a unique approach to understanding the human self and the stages it goes through on its journey of purification and illumination of the heart.

The workshop introduces the Stages of the Heart model through teachings, meditations, and exercises. By revealing the different models of consciousness and discovering techniques for growth and development, the workshop is meant to create a psychoactive effect that will open the heart to the higher levels of consciousness and assist in ascending and evolving towards greater wholeness of being.

The first half of the course presents the "Stages of the Heart" model and its stages. While the second half maps the journey of the 9 Enneagram types as they ascend the stages from multiplicity to unity and wholeness 

In this diploma, the participant will learn about:

  • The Maps of Consciousness
  • The Journey of Waking Up
  • The Realms of Being
  • States of Consciousness
  • Stages vs. States
  • Stages of the Heart
  • The Longing of the Heart
  • The Waking Up process