Instructor: Dr. Khaled ElSherbini

انياجرام علوم واسرار النفس

محاضرات مسجلة - اللغة العربية

This unique level takes us deep into the psychological dimension of the Enneagram. We look at the core inner child structure, the ego, and the shadows of each type, and how these create our worldview and exasperate our suffering when we are not conscious of them. 

We actualize the resources available for us in order to grow and become ever more conscious of our patterns. We reflect this on our lives and our relationships using tools created by Dr. ElSherbini, including the "ElSherbini Relationship Lattice" and the "Enneagram Resonance Imaging" technique. We apply these to understand and be conscious of the numerous dynamics and patterns in our life.

The course covers the ego, shadow, inner child wounds, psychological theory, object relations, social styles, harmonic groups, and relationships using the Enneagram 

In this diploma, the participant will learn about:

  • The ego structure of all 9 types
  • Object relations
  • Relational dynamics
  • Hornivian groups / social styles
  • Harmonic groups
  • the "Enneagram Resonance Imaging" technique created by Dr. ElSherbini
  • The concept of shadow and how it applies to the 9 types