Coaching & Typing with the Enneagram

Creating Change with Presence, Depth & Skill.

For Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists to use efficiently with clients of different Enneagram Types, and anyone seeking new

ways to grow, change and evolve after experiencing the in-depth perspective of the Enneagram as a dynamic active system.

Goals of the training:

• To produce lasting, positive change in your clients and yourself.

• To focus on building skills, collecting specific insights, tools, and practices to use effectively both personally and professionally.

• To powerfully evoke innate strengths as well as move quickly and directly reach the core of a problem.

• To know the low side expressions of someone’s Enneagram style as a set of defenses – a self-created subjective reality – and the high side as an array of resources and talents existing naturally within each individual.

• Improve your skill at typing.

Topics will include:

• The sensory strategies and subjective qualities of each style.

• Enneagram growth arcs: How each style typically grows and changes.

• Secondary gains of Enneagram styles - why we cling to old patterns.

• What motivates each Enneagram style to change.

• Techniques for establishing rapport with different styles.

• Instinctual Subtypes: their motivations, talents, and advantages.

• The Five Elements of Change Model.

• Feel Good, Feel Bad and Feel Nothing defense mechanisms.

• Enneagram resource maps - Identifying and maximizing the strengths, and resources of each Enneagram style.

• Parental Points - the influence of inherited Enneagram styles.

• Body reading and nonverbal cues.

• Developing sensitivity as a practitioner and communicator.

• Working effectively with critical voices.

• Using humor, metaphor, and therapeutic stories.

• Plans of action and customized practices for each style.

Date: Every Tuesday and Thursday 

February 22nd to March 31st, 2022

12 Three hour sessions

Time: 5:00 to 8:00 pm Cairo Time (GMT +2)


30 IEA points

IEA Accredited Program

For more information and inquiries:


WhatsApp or call: +20 1032445366

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